Monday, January 14, 2008

Possible Health Hazard?

Dear fellow laptop users,

This blog began with the discovery that others (like myself) are suffering from a painful and debilitating condition known as Meralgia Paresthetica - but in all probability caused by the prolonged use of a laptop... on my lap.

In my case, the laptop is a Compaq Presario V5000 (V5303 NR) and I suspect that this particular model may be a specific health hazard (other laptops may cause the same condition as well).

However, it seems that few people who suffer from these symptoms (tingling, burning, pain sensation, loss of sensation, building up to extreme pain attacks - in the upper leg or thigh) make the connection with laptop usage. After all, a "laptop" is assumed to be safe to use on your lap... but is it?

My personal experience is that of tremendous pain and concern, until I figured out what was going on. The symptoms have improved since I decided never to use this laptop as a "lap top."

I will be posting more information on this situation and links to whatever articles I can find. The symptoms in my case were so severe as to make me consider a class action lawsuit against HP / Compaq in particular.

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Are laptops a health hazard? Considering the amount of heat and radiation emitted so close to your skin, muscles and nerves - users should be highly concerned and an investigation seems in order...